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   Achieving Healthy People

   Achieving Healthy and Thriving Future


   We have begun a challenging journey toward achieving healthy and thriving people, communities and world. Thrive! is the overall vision, mission and strategy. HealthePeople is the vision, mission and strategy for health and well-being.

   To achieve healthy people and a healthy and thriving future, “HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future” offers an integrated strategy for you, your communities and our world.


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HealthePeople - Achieving Healthy and Thriving Future for All People, Communities and World

   This strategy was created with the belief that we can help reach the vision of healthy people and a healthy and thriving future via an endgame strategy of high performance health systems for all  that are self-perpetuating, affordable, accessible, person-centered, “e” enabled, prevention-oriented, and producing high health quality, outcomes and status.

   Such systems, partly physical and partly virtual and put into place by collaborative private and public partnerships, will greatly improve accessibility, quality, affordability and health status for all people.

   “HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future” combines the best of all strategies to achieve healthy people and achieve a healthy and thriving future for you, your communities and our world.

HealthePeople - Achieving a Healthy America

   In America, we have begun a challenging journey toward reforming the American health system and improving America's health. America enacted substantial health care reform in 2010. That law is a major improvement, especially for the un- and underinsured. Unfortunately, there is much needed health reform that the law could have addressed better. 

   America needs effective transformation as we spend over 1/6th (about $3 trillion) of our economy on health without producing a healthy America or healthy people.

   To positively change that future and achieve healthy people, HealthePeople offers an integrated strategy. Combining the best of all our strategies, we can achieve healthy people and help achieve a healthy and thriving future for America.

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    Thrive!® is a vast, sustained human endeavor coupled with a vision, mission and call for action. It strives to energize and empower a vast endeavor of people together building and sustaining a thriving future, including you, your communities, and our world. It envisions, calls for and strives to achieve a thriving future for all forever. Its mission is to help create and sustain positive change to help build communities and a world that not only survive but thrive.     

    Thrive! Endeavor® is to have people of all backgrounds and generations join together in this endeavor. It strives to motivate governments, private sector organizations and people to seek a thriving future and to work together to build and sustain that future.

    In support of Thrive! are several websites and blogs available via ThriveEndeavor.org and public policy books that are available via ThriveEndeavor.org  and Amazon.com  


    GChris abstract sculptures are what is termed "thrive sculpture" and are heavily mission-driven. Advanced by the art are core progressive values - reducing human vulnerability, maximizing human potential, saving our environment, and building a thriving future. Existing GChris sculptures number over 200 with dimensions ranging from a few inches to 12 feet and larger. 

    He wrote two science fiction novels - The Thrive! Endeavor and black box. Stories of unknown technologies, science, religion, politics with the human pursuit of positive personal and global change and a thriving future or all forever. He wrote two children's books - T!rrific [terrific] - What will you do to thrive? and Angel, Thriving Creator of Artful Things. Both are available at GChris.com and Amazon.com.

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