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Book: HealthePeople® - Achieving Healthy People

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HealthePeople® - Achieving Healthy People,

Communities, Countries and World via Thrive!®

HealthePeople book
HealthePeople book is available via Amazon.com  or as free download from this website.  

Rationale. Throughout the world, including America, we face major challenges and disappointments in achieving healthy people, communities, countries and world. Health status, causes of good and poor health, and health systems for improving health vary widely within communities and countries and across the world. Without a large change in health vision, strategy and execution, our future will be as disappointing as our past.

Vision and Strategy. Thrive! ® is the overall vision, mission and strategy for achieving and sustaining a thriving future for all. Within that future, HealthePeople ® is the vision, mission and strategy for achieving and sustaining a healthy future for all. HealthePeople is a strategy whose near-term vision is to achieve substantially healthier people and substantially healthier communities, countries and world. The long-term vision is to achieve healthy, thriving people globally and healthy, thriving communities, countries and world. This HealthePeople strategy was created with the belief that we can reach this vision via a strategy of high performance, health systems for all people that are self-perpetuating, affordable, accessible, “e” enabled, person-centered, prevention-oriented, and producing high health quality, outcomes and status. Such systems, partly physical and partly virtual, matched to community, country and global needs and conditions, and put into place by collaborative private and public partnerships, will greatly improve accessibility, quality, affordability and health status for all people. Such systems can help achieve a healthy, thriving people, community, country and world.

Guidance. This strategy is guided by and aligned with the U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommendations. What people want from a high performing health and long-term care system is “staying healthy”, “getting better”, “living with illness or disability” or “coping with the end of life.” IOM has six aims for a high performing health system - safe, effective, person/patient-centered, timely, efficient, and equitable.

Supportive Strategies. Using HealthePeople strategies and models, we can positively transform health systems and achieve healthier people and a healthier world by successfully applying 15 key strategies and two core elements:

  • Achieve affordable, accessible, and high quality/performance health systems.

  • Focus on people, in partnership with their health partners, as the center of the health universe.

HealthePeople Strategy Before, During and After Pandemics.  HealthePeople’s primary focus is on people getting and being healthy. And it understands and takes on challenges posed by human pandemics. COVID-19 is just the latest and one of the most challenging. HealthePeople, as should current health system(s), will succeed by successfully addressing human pandemics simultaneously with achieving and maintaining healthy persons, communities, countries, and world.

Thriving Health Systems. To show what an ideal health system might be for people and their communities, the Thriving Health Systems (THS) model and strategy are detailed. Why THS are different and make a substantial positive difference. How THS are organized. How THS help achieve healthy people and communities. A First People Thriving Health System is offered as one example.

Building and Achieving a Healthy Future and Healthy People. This book - HealthePeople® - focuses on why and how to build, achieve and sustain a successful health system, healthy people and a and a healthy future. To achieve this, the book describes, speaks to the importance of, and walks through how to use ideal health systems, healthy behavior and person-centered health.  With these and using HealthePeople as a vision, mission and strategy, the book describes how to build, achieve and sustain healthy communities, countries and world.

Building and Achieving a Healthy and Thriving Future. We should proceed under the belief that we can reach this vision of a healthy and thriving future. Utilizing HealthePeople and Thrive! as strategies, we can build a substantially healthier world and move toward healthy people and a truly healthy and thriving future. People, whoever they are, wherever they live and whatever their status, deserve and should expect nothing less.