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   "HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future" uses a "High Performance Health System" model which is a strategic  improvement and behavior model for helping achieve a healty people and build a healthy and thriving future. Using the model, we set the target health and functional status we are trying to achieve under the vision “all people are healthy”. Given the target status, we decide on the target outcomes needed and on the target health system needed to achieve those outcomes. Comparing the optimized outcomes and health system with the current health system and its performance, we determine the “delta”, i.e., the needed improvements in the current health system and its outcomes.

   Knowing what needs to be improved, we decide what personal and health provider behaviors should change. Human behavior, both by persons (beneficiaries, enrollees, consumers, patients) and health providers, is the key to making and sustaining the improvements. The behavioral model helps us think through how we bring about the behavior change necessary to make the improvements. Together, the system and behavior changes are intended to produce improved health and functional status for all and, ultimately, achieve healthy people.