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About HealthePeople® - Achieving Healthy People and Building a Healthy and Thriving Future

   To positively change the future and achieve true and full health reform, a healthy people, and a healthy, thriving America and world, “HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future” has much to offer. 

   It is an integrated strategy, using "Thrive!" as an overriding strategy.  These strategies also apply globally. This strategy was created with the belief that we can reach this vision via an endgame strategy of a high performance, effective health (including long term care) systems for all that are self-perpetuating, affordable, accessible, person-centered, “e” enabled, prevention-oriented, and producing high health quality, outcomes and status. 

   It can help develop and implement collaborative strategies within and across organizations striving to achieve a healthy people and build a healthy, thriving America and world.

   HealthePeople addresses current programs, the 2010 American health reform law, the remaining gaps and the execution challenges.  Combining the best of all our strategies, together we can achieve a healthy people and build a substantially healthier America and world and move toward a truly healthy, thriving future.

   HealthePeople is a strategy to transform to affordable, accessible, person-centered, outcomes-driven, "e" enabled, prevention-oriented and quality systems to build effective health systems for America, for other nations and globally.

    HealthePeople is a strategy to transform to affordable, accessible, person-centered, outcomes-driven, "e" enabled, prevention-oriented, and quality systems to build effective health systems, including:

  • National Health Reform – Strategies for affordable, accessible, quality and transformed health system.
  • High Performance Health Systems – Support organizations and collaborations to create and/or improve health systems for organizations, communities, regions, States and nations.
  • Un- and Underinsured – Strategies that ease or solve the problem.
  • Quality Improvement – Move health care providers/systems to high quality (health outcomes/status) and performance.
  • Fair Payment Systems - Fairly managing costs and rate of growth through pay for performance/value, and bundling.
  • Electronic Health Record Systems – Ensure EHR and PHR systems improve health and health care substantially.
  • Virtual Health System – Use systems of standards, electronic health records, personal health records, exchange.
  • Person-centered health – Develop person-centered health (focusing on the whole person) and person-provider partnership.
  • Behavioral Effectiveness – Improve health and behavior with behavior/health systems.
  • Thrive! - Combines leadership with the "Thrive!" core system of “next generation” strategies, models and tools to create and sustain change. www.ThrivingFuture.org 

HealthePeople Founding

   For decades, the Founder, Gary "Chris" Christopherson, has been a strong advocate of causes that support the HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future vision. His strategic, policy, management, performance, and advocacy work spans his service both in government and outside.

    His primary work has been with creating and sustaining large scale, positive change, improving health, reducing vulnerability, and helping build a thriving future.

   His decision to found "HealthePeople", "Thrive!", "viaFuture", and "Vulnerable (via)" comes from many years of advocacy. It comes from a realization that saving parts of a "community" is helpful if done well, but is not enough. What is also needed is an effort that takes a "whole community" view and has a "whole community" vision of what we must, can and will achieve.  Communities can be of any size from towns and cities to States to regions to nations to multinational areas.

  The "Thrive!" core set of strategies and models have been developed from 30+ years of experience at the local and nationals levels.  Parts or all of "via" have been used in the White House, Congress, inner city health systems, the Department of Defense's Military Health System, the Department of Veterans Affairs' Veterans Health System and the Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services.

   HealthePeople® is trademarked by Gary A. Christopherson