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Thriving Health System©

Achieving healthy and thriving people and communities for all everywhere.

Thriving Health System© thought piece is available as free download here.  

In our lives, if we survive birth, only two things are sure about our health. We are born. We die. Everything else varies from person to person and over a person’s lifetime.

Better than our current “health system”, a Thriving Health System© gives us our best chance to be healthy throughout our lifetime. Our having a Thriving Health System for our community ensures we are healthier people in a healthier community.

A Thriving Health System has persons and their communities at the center. At the center is the person and the person’s Primary Health Support surrounded by all needed and wanted Health Support. It adjusts when locations, time, person, and community change. It takes into account all of personal and community characteristics and all of health and well-being. It understands personal and community environment and its impact on health and well-being. It understands and uses the full range of health and thriving support to improve and sustain health and well-being. It connects all of these, with information and other support, into a fully integrated and supportive system for persons and communities.

Here is what the thought piece lays out:

This is the HealthePeople® vision for Thriving Health Systems and the communities they support. As people, communities, nations and world, we should proceed toward the vision of achieving healthy and thriving people and communities for all everywhere.

We do this via a strategy of Thriving Health Systems for all people everywhere. Thriving Health Systems are self-perpetuating, very affordable, easily accessible, “e” enabled, person-centered, prevention-oriented, high quality and are producing high health and well-being outcomes and status. Such Thriving Health Systems, partly physical and partly virtual and put into place by collaborative private and public partnerships, will greatly improve accessibility, quality and affordability for all people everywhere.

We can and should build and sustain Thriving Health Systems for all people everywhere. We can and should achieve substantially healthier people, communities, nations and world and move toward a truly healthy and thriving world. All people everywhere deserve and should expect nothing less.


Note: Thriving Health Systems are comprehensive health systems that can be of almost any size and for any type of community.  Community includes legal communities (e.g., village, town, city, county, State, nation), geographic areas (e.g., regions), groups (e.g. ethnic groups, affinity groups), and worlds.