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HealthePeople - Vision and Strategy

   To use the model to acheive a healthy people, we array overall health status from least healthy to most healthy.  On the right side is a hStatus chart that can be used to display health status for populations or for individual persons. Within the model, there are interventions that improve health or make it worse. To improve health, there are the overall key strategic areas – stop those interventions/actions that make health worse support those interventions/actions that improve health. To improve health most, we need to execute a "systematic strategy" – a “system” of actions that continuously stops actions that push people down to less healthy states and supports actions that lift people out of poor health and toward being healthy. This “system” of actions, when well designed and executed, can perpetually prevent much poor health and support people moving up from poor health to being healthy - achieving healthy people.

   HealthePeople, as a public health intervention model, is designed to increase the number of healthy people and reduce the number of vulnerable and/or unhealthy people. The model targets interventions that best achieve the highest level of health and function, best prevent more poor health, and best move our most vulnerable people up from poor health. The success of the interventions is measured by the degree to which we stop actions that decrease health and support actions that improve health. Success is also measured by how well the private and public sectors, including health professional leadership, “move the numbers”, i.e., substantially improving the key status indicators of health and function.